Friday, August 5, 2016

What's going on!

Wow! Bridgit and Tiny Human-Olivia are up in the woods camping and tomorrow is an Archery shoot that will both enter along with the rest of the Gibson family.Grandpa Kenny has an Archery business (not really large but it keeps him busy till the bars open or he gets called in too work). So needless to say all the kids and grand kids shoot a bow and arrow. Some better than others. Olivia managed to take a 1st place for her age group last year and she's been practicing.  They are in a camp ground a little ways away from the wildfire and up wind to boot. They should be OK. I say my prayers, they have 2 of my Gr-Grand daughters up there. I'm sure the Park management and the Forest service is keeping a close eye on which way the wind blows. I have 2 great grandsons up there this week end as well. They are a pretty close knit group even with the extended members, of which there are probably another dozen people and lots of cars, trucks and camper.

 We now are the hotel for 1 small deer head Chihuahua, 1 very old (14+) and 1 very young kitten. Mrs Beasley the old dear is mine but I live with a family of Wicca's so naturally there is a black cat in the house. Albeit still very small, 2 months old kitten but she still hasn't learned her boundaries so there is a lot of growling and backing off. The kitten's name is Lagitha (A Warrior Shield in the Wicca religion). She's a lively little thing and she is making friends with the doggie although maybe not for long. The little dog was mated two & half weeks ago so she might be pregnant and then she'll get some runaway hormones. (I did 3 times so why shouldn't the dog). That might either mellow her out or make her vengeful toward the kitten. Mrs. Beasley (my old cat) is almost 3 times the dogs size and really loud (no front claws so she uses her voice) and scares the small dog but not the small cat! I picked the list up from another blogger who has more 'fur babies' than we do.

I'm sure by now you've figured out that this blog is just for fun and me showing off! I made a couple of new Scrapbook pages so I'm going to post them here.
I had that cat tree for my old bitty but she won't go near it. It sat in the corner of the hall way for months (since last Christmas) and when Bridgit brought the kitten home from the shelter and put her on the floor to explore going down the hall way this was the first thing she found. Ran right up the silly thing so I put her food dish at the top to keep the other critter out of it. She has laid claim to it and no amount of talking is going to change that. She's still making up her mind where she's going to sleep at night but she has 3 choices so until she figures it out, she makes the rounds. P.S. That is my Geeky Tiny Human Olivia with a Mohawk haircut. And she starts middle school in about 3 1/2 weeks. I know for a fact she'll be the only one with that type of haircut and colored Blue & Purple at that! Hopefully it won't be a detriment.  I know she can take care of herself if someone tries to act the bully. She has stepped in at her other school when she saw one of the younger kids getting a trashing from a bully. Just walking in between him and his target was enough to send him packing.

My computer desk is in a niche in this hallway so I'm here quite a lot the time. She decided that my desk was a great place for a little nap and now she's here a lot. If I make too much noise shuffling papers she jumps down and stretches out on the floor. Yesterday, I picked up a towel headed for the laundry and folded it up and put it right where she wanted to take her nap and still keep an eye on me. She didn't look to comfy in that first picture so the large towel folded in half and half again was just right for some sort of softness.

This is a picture story of my my good friend Moe and her husband Phil. She and I collect the Parks & recreation quarters but Moe & Phil are going one better. Each of those parks has a stamp and when you stay a night or two they stamp your book. She's trying for all 50 states, I think. I just follow her pictures and make a scrapbook page to document the journey. This time when they got to Montana she had the opportunity to meet up with her Aunt Joannie and her daughter Linda Mohr. They had a nice visit and it wa a big plus for their journey. I understand she's going to be on the road the whole month of August, I think. They have a nice camper and she cooks a really nice meal. I'm going to have to make a page of the first meal she put together in the camper on this trip. Quite a nice looking, well balanced meal.

Tome to run off to another blog and see what's going on on FB. I've been leaving FB alone a lot, during the election campaign. Can't stand the negativity.

Have a nice day, friends and fellow bloggers and fellow scrap bookers!

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  1. Funny, always, how pets find their place in a home and have so different favourites. And they find a way to live together too, even if sometimes there is a quarrel.
    Hope the kids had a fantastic camp out, it must be a wonderful experience for them, no matter how often they do it
    As I am already a bit late, I will go to my blog now and try to make a short post
    Have a wonderful day and days to come.