Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer is coming to a close, Maybe!

Before I start rambling, Let me say, that I'm saying prayers for the families of the policemen who were assassinated last week and the week before that. I pray for the ones who lived and for the families who are grieving. I can't understand why they think that they can just kill police because someone else got killed in the act of a 'felony' or in a shoot out that he started. I just sit and cry, it's so senseless. Join me in praying for Peace and Common Decency to take over this ravaged country.

It hasn't been too bad for me. The evenings are cool and I have a window fan in my window which both cools the room and is a white noise for sleeping. Not like the concentrator which I think is trying to blow up or at least it's a plane preparing for takeoff! I've taken to using the big tall bottles for sleeping and it's quite nice for me. At least they will still work if the power goes out.

It went out for a few hours last month when a squirrel got too close and got himself 'fried' but he burned out the transformer and several blocks were without power. Now I have his son running across my fence and up the trees where I've hung some dried corn cobs with corn on them. He packs his cheeks and then runs back along the fence and buries the corn in the neighbor's back yard. He also has a spot next to our gate that he's dug a little hole but when the 'puppy' saw it, she waited until  squirrel was gone and she dug everything back up.

I think I've mentioned the 'morning Doves' outside my bedroom window before. I've learned that one of the doves escaped and flew away. He/She's never returned. Guess they aren't like pigeons. But that didn't put the remaining Dove into a mourning period. Oh No! every morning at break of day this remaining dove starts his/her noise. Good thing I'm usually up at that hour anyway.

Last week I had a brilliant idea to make a 'chicken coop' and raise about 3 hens and 1 rooster. I thought fresh eggs might be a nice change. Then 'grand daughter' broke up with her man last weekend and so now I don't have anyone to build the chicken coop.  Both of my girls are out on the Archery range this afternoon. Bridgit has promised to teach one of her friends how to shoot a standard bow and our 'Tiny Human' got her own bow last week from her mother and I (we split the cost of the bow and some arrows). Her Grandpa will be thrilled since before she had to share a bow with some of the other kids. Now she's a big kid and has her own bow. And she's doing quite well in her Judo class. I understand they were going to learn choke holds. I've told her I'm not a practice dummy so find someone else to choke. They really aren't allowed to actually choke each other in class but they practice up the actual pressure.

I've got a few more scrap Book Pages to share with you. Actually I found 10 new ones.

My young friend Ashley @ her Mom's birthday party.

My two girls mugging for the camera as usual.

My youngest daughter Charlie and her 'man' when they were at a concert.

Charlie & Kelin went to a Rock Concert and one of the band members found out her name was Charlie and so he asked her to do the Charlie's Angels' pose with him. I cut them out of the picture they sent me, because it was way too dark.

This is my Adorable niece Consuelo on the front of her home up in Yakima. She's going to college and taking care of my brother Frank and my sister Dianna at the same time. God give her strength. 

This is the latest fur baby to move in with us. Her name is Lagitha and she came from the shelter. So she's been spayed, and had all of her shots and a chip has been embedded in her back. But she still has claws and like to climb up my leg and body to get onto the desk so she can take a nap right here. That is, after she chases the little arrow around the screen for about 15 mins.

Good friend Lorene with her three girls. Kaddie is my Gr-grand daughter, but the other two call me Nana also. Kaddie was going on a trip with her Dad to Florida to visit her Step mother's grand parents. It was quite a trip.

Another picture of the birthday party. Ashley's little sister Mia is trying to teach her to play with the string we all used to have 60 years ago called Katz Craddle. 

My good friend Moe with her daughter Michelle and the other picture is Moe and her Mother Cleone.  Solid Irish family.

This is my Then and Now picture. In 1968 I was between stations with the 3 daughters waiting for housing to open up on Guam. I had started Cosmetology school And practiced on my own girls for haircuts and I let the other student practice on me for the Finger Waves and mixing colors. Needless to say when I got off the plane in Guam, my husband walked right past me. Then it hit him, that lady with the 3 little girls has to be his wife. It was worth having bright red hair to see the look on his face.

Well I've spent enough time rambling on. I'm going to relax in the big recliner and probably nod off.  I wish every one a Happy Weekend and a great week coming up!  God Bless every one.


  1. It's good that it is cool enough to have some sleep at night.
    Those squirrels are little raskals, aren;t they? But I think you never can be really angry with them, they are so cute too!
    Such a pity your grand-daughter broke up with her man. Now she will have to find quickly another, hopefully nice guy that can do a bit of DIY, and perhaps he can make the chicken scoop.
    I wonder how much work it is to have a few chickens and rooster. The eggs would be nice, for sure.And perhaps have one nest of chickens after a while?
    So we both have to wait for the schopie, I surely hope you will be payed back for the costs you have to make to get to hospital!!
    Well, you have a great Sunday and happy week coming up.

  2. Hello! Glad things are cooling down for you, here it is heating up we've "officially" hit 100 last 2 days (but with humidity the past month has felt like over 100 each day). We need another bout of rain, but guess we are better off than those that are so dry and on fire! Poor middle of the country that has the "heat dome" right over them and moving eastward! Lots of "weird" weather this year!
    I haven't been on my computer much lately as the arthritis in my hands (as well as the carpal tunnel pains) have prevented me from using it too often, but am hoping to get some relief soon!
    Lovely layout and terrific photos! Keep scrapping those memories to share! Leave your legacy behind! Have a fabulous Sunday, Hugs, Mat