Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer is almost done!

I went to my general practitioner last week, (actually she specializes in Geriatrics), she just loves us old folks. I think she might be Korean but her English is almost as good as mine and I love her!  She cares and she asks questions and spends the time to find out what's going on. She gave me some new type of compression socks/stockings. Actually they just came off a big roll and they cut them to my size/length. I can't believe how much it has helped my walking!  

And then on Monday this week, I went back to the Audiologist for my new hearing aids. They are sooo cool ! very tiny and you can't see them. They have a blue tooth connection that lets me listen to my cell phone through them, even if the cell is in the other room.
I wear this little box around my neck with buttons on it to turn them up or down, and one to push to connect to the cell phone when it rings and then to listen to the TV through my hearing aids so it can be turned down to not disturb the rest of the family. I am so happy with these ones.

Now to get the rest of me fixed, even though I know that the Lungs and Heart aren't going to get to 100%. I just keep working on slowing the damage down so I can live to 100 yrs old (lol). 

I did get to the Perseids Meteor shower last Friday night with my daughter Charlie & her boyfriend Kelin.  The volume of the  meteors didn't get very big until about 1 am and I wasn't up for that and neither was Kelin's mother who went with us. I did get to look through a good sized telescope from one of the Astronomy Club members and saw a really good close view of the moon with all it craters and dents. And then we looked up at something going across at a good speed and found out it was the space station. It circles the earth every 90 mins so we just happened to catch it. The sky was really clear so we saw it great and for about the whole 2 mins it took it to go from one side of us to the other. We managed to see about 5 meteors streaking across the night sky but we were early. The Observatory is about 5 miles out of town and not many city lights to interfere so we can sit and watch the sky clearly. Next good show will be sometime in October. I just looked it up. We have to wait awhile. I'm posting the info from 
The OrionidsNight of October 21Sets after midnight. 
Well it's time to show off my scrapbook pages; I just found some that had been on my facebook page in 2013 so I thought I might share them too.
My friends Phil & Moe somewhere nice (I forgot to get the location) and they are such a neat couple.

A good friend and the Mom to one of my Great Grand daughters who will always be close to my heart! She checks up on me and whenever I go into her Albertson's store she always gives me a big hug when she spots me riding around through the store.

A picture of Olivia with my daughter Charlie's puppy that we call Junior (the whole name is Chazz Junior cause he looks like her but isn't related at all. Just best buddies!

A picture of Olivia who had "Cinderella duty" for the day. She did something she wasn't supposed to or she got sassy and her mom put her on Cinderella duty. 

Darling Olivia when sh was just 2 yrs or probably no even 2 yet. She has such a photogenic face that we couldn't  help our selves.

My brother Frank and my sister Dianna live together with Dianna's youngest daughter. It's quite good for all of them. They share expenses and chores. These are their cats. Yellow one is Boss and the dark one Ruby. Looks like they enjoy napping together.

Another picture of darling Olivia when she was almost 2. Her birthday is in Dec. and I had custody for a couple of years while her Mom went back to school etc..

These are my two oldest daughters when we lived on Midway Island. Dani (on the left) was just 3 in May so she got to go to school in Sept. there on the island. Little sister didn't get to start until Sept of 67 and then we left the Island in November with a 5 month old littler sister Charlie. I loved dressing them alike but only had one of each of these dresses.

I'm sort of proud of this picture, taken on Midway Island about March and Baby Charlie came in June that year (1967). You need to look close to see that I'm resting my right arm on top of the 'Baby Bump'.

This is my friend Marie's daughter Jeweli working on her science project. I guess she had to grow something, (hopefully something she might want to eat). She's a big girl now. In High school even.

Well that's enough of my rambling on for one day. I don't do too much housework but I help out when I can. I've been mopping floors but the tile in the kitchen is so old it's never going to shine. But it still looks good and we really like our house. Can't wait for the Autumn weather to start. I don't like heat. It makes my breathing worse. At least in the winter I can cover my face half way and I'm not breathing in cold air, (not good for lungs) but covered up it's tolerable.

Everyone have a nice day and enjoy the remainder of the Olympics.
Hugs from Grandma Sarge!

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  1. How wonderful that the new pressure stockings help you in better walking and that you have now that new hearing aid, that is working so well.
    Must have been awesome to see that meteor rain and as extra the space station passing by!
    we live too much in the centre of the city to be able to have a good look at the sky I am already happy when sometimes we can see a starry sky above us.
    Think today will be for a part laundry day, machine is pretty good filled, so better to have it a go.
    Have a wonderful day,