Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Last Day of August Yeah!

I am so ready for the beautiful fall weather. It's my favorite time of the year if only because of the gorgeous colors in the trees as they get ready for winter. I like Winter too. I just have to cover my face so I'm not breathing cold air.

I've been harvesting tomatoes O'plenty! I've given away 3 full strainers full and I need to go out when it gets cooler and probably find another strainer full. I think I'll make some salsa. If I don't make it too 'hot' then I'll be able to eat it. Otherwise the rest of the family will eat it. Charlie's man says it's real easy to make tomato soup so I'm going to go looking for a recipe for that next.

Our little Chihuahua is pregnant and last evening my grand daughter thinks she spotted a little white worm in her poop. So today I got her some worm medicine and mixed it into some Turkey Pate' but she won't eat it. And it's pretty spendy too. Maybe if I cover it with some gravy and mashed potatoes she'll eat it. She hasn't had much of an appetite lately but the book says that's normal. Her tummy is so big with the babies that she can't eat much. just often. I'm going to be the midwife and our Tiny Human is going to assist me. Her mother is too squeamish. She'd probably barf all over the place

I just posted a link on my face book page for the annual Time Of Remembrance event here in Richland. It a weekend to meet with other families who are suffering the same loss and who are usually too soon forgotten. I'm going to put the link here also: Just in Case! There is a yellow button on the left side of the page if you want to donate. This year is a really tight year and more families to care for. Every little bit helps!

Moe and Phil should be winding down their trip. They have been on the road foe the month of August. She did 9 National Parks in 9 days. I've been getting the pictures and making scrap book pages. Here's a few that I've done.

They had a great trip and shared some beautiful pictures.

The land in the mid to western US is a lot of dessert. Complete with all the creatures that inhabit it.
And I lived close to this one and never made to see it in person. Maybe next time.

This is Canyon Lands Nat'l Park. Phil taking a picture and Moe posing by the sign.

Black Canyon Nat'l Park looks like some climbing to do.

Early in the month Moe officiated a wedding and they ran into some old friends at the camp grounds. That was an extra good time.

Moe had the fun of standing in 4 states with one foot.  Geographically this is where they intersect and so there is large metal and marble plaque to mark the spot. I have a picture of me standing there but it was a long time ago. Now it cost $5.00 to stand up there and get your picture taken. And there are vendors all around the circle, some Native American and some others are different nationalities.

It's time to check the news. Louisiana has been having way too much rain and thousands are homeless this week. Flood waters up to the porch roof and lots of rescues going on. I only hope they thought to look out for the animals. During past storms volunteers have run through the neighborhood and rescued pets. Hopefully they are doing it again.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Labor day festivities where ever you are!


  1. To be honest, I am not yet ready for fall weather But then fall here is often rather cold and wet with lots of wind, not many days with real kind weather.
    So for me summer can last a bit longer, but perhaps nature can give you an early fall and us on the other side a longer summer?
    Oh, crossing my fingers all will go well with the little doggie when she gives birth.
    Gosh, you really have a lot of tomatoes! But finally my tomatoes are getting ripe too and we can gather them. and for the few plants I think we have quite a harvest. They taste good.
    Okay, going to post on my blog now
    Have a wonderful day and weekend, take care!

  2. The tomato soup from the harvest of my garden was absolutely delicious. Although with them being the little tomatoes vs the big beef steak ones, running the blend through the blender still left me with lots of seeds. They are too small for the blades to turn them into puree'. But it tasted great anyway, I thought about it and when I eat tomatoes on sandwiches, I eat the seeds also so it's no big deal to have little seeds in the soup, My grand daughter and her boyfriend loved it too. They don't eat until about 10 pm and I'm usually heading to bed at that hour so I didn't join them. I had already eaten. Time to quiet down a little and soothe the Momma to be. She's awfully uncomfortable these days. I was rubbing her tummy and I told her softly that we wouldn't do this again to her. We shall have her spayed as soon as she's through nursing the puppies.