Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nothing going on from July 15 just found

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything.  It's about time I did something. 

I've been busy downloading some new kits to make pages with. One of my favorite designers had a great bargain going on in one of her stores. I bought the whole shop for $25. and believe me that's been a great time for me. She is really a fantastic designer and her kits are so easy to work with. I've picked up a number of them for Halloween and some for Christmas too! I mean, it's a scrapper's paradise to have the run of the whole store.  Kinda good thing I have a large external hard drive to store things on.  For anyone who's interested here's the lady's web site:

I'm settled into my new living quarters. I'm sharing an apartment with my Grand daughter "Bridgit" and her daughter Olivia. We're saving to buy a house of our own with a fenced in yard for the little dog we have. Her name is 'Serenity' but she's anything but serene. She's a little Chihuahua who has lots of hair and she does look pretty funny some days. She likes to chase my cat and doesn't quit even when she gets slapped by Mrs. Beasley. Pictures of the two of them.
Little Miss Serenity. She's grown a little bit but she's still only 4 pounds.

Mrs. Beasley hasn't changed much. She was born in April of 2002 and I believe she's doing a kitty menopause cause she is really grouchy. Doesn't get along with anyone and even takes little bites of me.


  1. Be happy that nothing "important is going on now. Gosh, what a story about the power loss and Bridgit taking care of it. LOL.
    Sometimes city councils can be very annoying about forms to fill in and permissions etc.etc. etc.
    Glad all is fixed now and you can be in the appartment again.
    Gosh, you did a lot of layouts there. Lovely. And don;t worry about Mrs beasly, perhaps she still has to settle down in her new environment, and with all the things going on, she doesn;t feel comfortable yet. It will be okay in time.
    Have a lovely day and weekend,

  2. Good to see you back posting and creating pages...especially of Serenity and Ms Beasley! Poor kitties don't adjust very fast to NEW things...they like things to remain the same. She will settle in in a few months and get back to normal. (whatever that means)! LOL
    I heard a rumor that Miriam might return from her little "leave" next month so you will be able to get her Autumn kit I have been making pages and clusters from...Yay!
    Thanks so much for all the kind words about my offerings in her absence, I appreciate you and them. Now off to post on my personal blog..btw put up the cluster with a frame today!
    Have a great weekend! Hugs, Mat