Sunday, August 16, 2015

It's been awhile

I noticed my last post was July 12; a whole month ago! Well, all I can say is it's been so hot my brain couldn't think of anything to post about except heat in the 100s.  today it's going to be in the mid 80s which is fine with me. We have 2 stand up fans, 2 double window fans, 1 small fan, 1 Ionizer and I portable air cooler going 24/7. Can't imagine what our electric bill is going to look like. If it weren't for going down to Lorene's to do some laundry, or going to the many doctors offices I've been to, we wouldn't have any relief at all.  The total energy man came by and did an assessment/estimate for the land lord to put in different A/C-heating combo. It'll get him a tax break and us some cooler air.  When you have a lung problem of any kind, (my COPD/Emphysema and Olivia's Asthma & whatever Bridgit has also) it makes breathing in extremely difficult. We have survived and the end is near.

One day last month (July 20th to be exact), I sat here in this un-airconditioned house waiting for the delivery of the new floor tiles for about 4 hours. Then after he had loaded everything (10 heavy boxes) and I had locked up the house and headed to the bus with my "cadallic walker". I thought since it was a back track from the bus stop to our house I'd leave by the other end of  our block. All of McClellan is confined to this one block. We are the 4th house on this side and our number is 1801 and then there are 2 other sets of numbers the 1701s and the 1901s. Doesn't make much sense to me but hey, I didn't set up the numbering system.

 Anyway, I went to the corner and turned right and then promptly got lost for over 45 mins in 104 degree heat pushing my walker. I had my oxygen and a bottle of water but I managed to get a case of 'heat stroke' or so I was told that I did. A 3 day stay in the hospital and I was diagnosed with a small heart attack and low potassium. Had to have 3 transfusions of the plasma with electrolytes in them and 6 horse sized pills of potassium. They didn't do the 'cardiac stress test' since the one doctor decided that I'd already had the equivalent of their treadmill test walking around for 45 mins in 104 degree heat. And even after a cool shower and resting in the recliner for about 4 hours  I asked Bridgit to take me to the ER. The chest pressure was making it difficult to breathe again. So we did and they decided I needed to be their guest for 2 more nights.  Best thing is they brought me ice cream whenever I asked for it.

Now I'm going to start making more scrapbook pictures. I had to buy another copy of my program and it arrived yesterday. I'll save this draft and actually post it after I'm done playing with the new version of Scrapbook factory deluxe.

Ashley with her 2 grandmothers who went to Oregon for her graduation from Chef's school.

A little day out and a tour of the pirate ship "The Lady Washington". At least it looks like a pirate ship and the crew all look like pirates in the dress code. No eye patches nor parrots on board. 

Lorene taking a selfie at the beach in Oregon after her daughter graduated. It looks like Ashley's getting wet for the first time and it looks cold.

Mia and Devin on the Lady Washington.

Lorene's 3 daughters together again and very happy.

Olivia went camping with her Grandpa Kenny and Grandma Stephanie. They even got her mother to go and spend some time in a tent and the other niceties of roughing it!!

Well it's time to get our act together and go to Lorene's for dinner. Ashley the new Chef's school graduate is cooking dinner and we are all set to be amazed.

See you again in a couple of days.


  1. Not the best thing happened to you in July!!! Gosh, heat stroke and heart attack, good you stayed in hospital for some days. Really hope things are going better for you now.
    You really need a lot of fans for some cooler air. Gosh, it is really hot where you live!
    We have rain at the moment, probably will stay rather cool today and cloudy, tomorrow seems to get better and by end of the week we have temps of 25C again.
    So summer is returning, and I am happy with it.
    Don´t do too much, you must take care of yourself, specially after you endured last month!
    Have a lovely day and week,

    1. Resting and waiting for the landlord to get the A/C installed. We are in the middle of a circle of 8 Wildfires and have smoke coming at us from all sides. I have to stay inside.

  2. Thank goodness the weather is beginning to move on out of here too! it has been a miserable summer for us so far. We are supposed to drop down into the lower 90's but we need some rain so badly, not seen any since July 9th. Please take care and stay cool! Great page layouts too! Have a beautiful week.

  3. Since Richland is in the middle of desert and Wildfires going on all around, we must pray a lot for RAIN!!