Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back at last

 Had a major crisis on Thurs. when at about midnight on Wed. we had an outage. I was sitting on the front steps trying to get my lungs adjusted and cooled down. Then at 2 am when the power was restored to the block (I was still awake) the lights on the boxes controlling our big TV starting flashing and going out and then coming back. I finally fell asleep around 3 or so and was wide awake at 6 am. Lights were still flashing. I didn't turn on the tv but I did try my computer. It would come up and then flash black screen and then come right back to what I was doing. we fussed with it all day Thurs and finally Bridgit called one of her surrogate dads. She talked to his wife and Steph drove Kenny over here. 

He came over and checked things with his meter but we aren't sure what he was seeing. He finally called another surrogate Uncle and he agreed to come over in the morning. I went to a friends house that was A/C'd and slept in her recliner. Then Friday am Kenny showed up and picked me up and came up here again to meet with surrogate Uncle Jim. Jim is an electrician with the school district so he could be trusted and after a few measurements, and taking the panel apart, he said to call the city that we were getting bad power from the pole. This is a Friday morning. First Bridgit called the landlord and Uncle Jim explained what he thought was "bad power" from the pole.

The landlord called the city dept in charge of incoming power from the pole to the house. They managed to snag a crew finishing up a job and diverted them to our house. They looked at the meter panel on the outside of the house. Took the meter off and opened up the panel. Discovered that the "???" (can't remember the name of the line) was burned out by the power surge coming back on Thurs. in the early am. Since that was the line burned out it was our (Meaning the home owner) responsibility to fix it. Now this whole time [several hours] Bridgit was on the phone with the landlord who lives in Seattle and calling the certified electricians on the list of names the city maintenance crew had given her and finally found one who could come out and look at it. The city crew had cut the incoming power from the big pole to the little pole on our house earlier so he just got right to work.

But there had to be one last glitch: A permit was needed, so he went to city hall to get the permit, and the clerk at the desk wasn't going to issue it because of the forms needed, so said electrician called Bridgit and told her the clerk wouldn't do anything till Monday. He gave her the phone number of the clerks desk and Bridgit called her directly and it was a sight to listen to from this end. Bridgit calls them "a come to Jesus talk" and she doesn't use them very often but when she gets stressed and worried about me she will be the proverbial Mother Hen. After her tirade, the electrician came back with the proper permit and proceeded to fix the incoming line to the house. Then Bridgit called the city back and the clerk said an inspector had to sign off before thee power could be turned back on. Of course it's Bridgit making this call to get the power restored and she reminded the clerk that the electrician we used was their own already approved and certified contractor so the power could be on and the inspector could come by on Monday for the final sign off. 

Must have been the same clerk cause the city crew came back just before their end of work day at 3 pm and they restored our house to normal. Just one stressed out Bridgit and the landlord was very impressed with how she got things done on our end and all he had to do was give his billing info to the electrician. She never told him that between the calls to the landlord and city and electrical contractors she finished off a bottle of wine. 

Friday evening was a breeze. We were ok in the house, and Bridgit was just mellow enough to be calm.  And the reason Bridgit has so many surrogate Dads and Uncles is because her biological father died when she was only 2 yrs old. These men are group of buddies who ran around with him in the 80s. She has 2 surrogate Dads and a whole passel of surrogate Uncles.  It was a pretty rough time for all of them and they vowed that would look after his little girl and they are doing just that. 

I realize this was a pretty long post but I was telling a true story and I didn't want to mess it up. You can laugh cause I sure did from where I was sitting and knowing I was the cause for the 'come to Jesus' talks that were done. She reminded the clerk that her grandmother was a 20 year veteran, and former Hanford worker who was on Oxygen 24/7 and if they didn't get the power restored to run her concentrator she was going to call the TV stations and tell them how the city was treating a veteran, let alone a 75 yr old senior citizen. That got their attention real quick.  I'm proud of her but sometimes she gets a little overboard.

Now I'm back to normal. Making pages with my replacement software.
A lovely mother of 2 charming kids whose pictures you will see now and then here on this blog.

Great Grand daughter Kaddie from 2010 with her siste Mia.

Lovely mother to Kaddie & Mia..

Moe at Liz's wedding. If there is a baby in the area she'll be finding it. This one is Lucca.

Mow and husband Phil at Liz's wedding.

Beautiful QP by Mat from Miriam's Scraps.

A dear friend from my 6th grade era who found me through her daughter finding my name and now we talk almost every day. And she sure surprised me by being in New Zealand now. 
Time to get ready for my errand run to the bank and grocery store.

Have a nice day Hugs to all.

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