Thursday, September 17, 2015

Getting back to normal

It's been 6 weeks since we moved into our new house. I'm liking the idea of my own bedroom even if I'm sharing it with a small pooch and a cranky old cat. They are both in bed with me and it's funny because they really don't like each other. The cat, Mrs Beasley, is 13 years old and I guess in kitty years that's 91, which is why she's cranky all the time.  They tolerate each other except when the puppy thinks it's OK to play with her. She will slap puppy silly and I think the pup has figured out that Mrs. Beasley has no claws in the front feet so it doesn't hurt at all.  They make getting up a little bit exciting.

We've settled into our new house just fine. We've been working on the vines in the back coming over the fence and trying to take over the house.  We go out and cut them down and fill up the yard waste recycle bin for pickup every other week. It got emptied yesterday so this weekend we will finish cutting the vines away from the fence and cleaning up the front. I need to put some weed-be-gone on the front yard so the tall weeds won't come back and then I can put some grass seed down to winter over and maybe next year we'll have a grass yard as opposed to several types of weeds.

Going to have a friend of Bridgit's look at the stove and see if he can fix whatever is wrong with it.  Right now the only part working is the top burners. It's a pretty glass top stove and I really like it but I miss not having the oven to make pizzas or bake cakes and cookies.  And I'm not electrical savvy so I can't just jump in and take the panel off and do anything. Probably electrocute my self so I'm not even going to attempt it.

I'm still taking some college courses from Hillsdale College. I've finished 2 courses so far and I'm half way through the 3rd class. This 10 week class is on the Presidency and the Constitution. Learning just what they're doing that they hadn't ought to be doing.  Sadly, it's a lot of stuff that was never allowed in the original founding of this country. It just makes me more aware of what to consider when I get out to vote this year and next.

I have the new software for my scrap booking and Kyra, Mat, Miriam and Manuela B have given me some beautiful things to work with. Here's a few.

Great grand daughter Kadence and her big sister ready for their first day of school. It's a Girl thing is the name of the kit by Arlene at Baby Bear Designs. 

This was a Christmas family picture from 2011. Me in the back, 2 of my daughters on the couch with my Grandson David, his 3 kids and Olivia on Aunt Nene's lap on the far end. The kit is called Coffee by Sunshine scraps.

My two Grandsons that live in Colorado. The kit is 'Seaside Sunset' by Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart designs.

I honestly can't remember how many files I opened to get a piece here and another piece there.  Rest assured I'm not the one who made graphics of the paper, nor the frame.  It's Grand daughter Bridgit playing around on our friends front porch. Looks like she's ready to fly away on that broom. Can you guess that Halloween is one of her favorite times. 

This is me from at least 46 years ago on Midway Island. Husband and a bunch of SeeBees built a cover for the two middle houses in our building on the base. One of the SeeBees lived on the other side of the wall so it was just easy to make it cover both patios. The kit is called 'Celebrate Life by Raspberry Road Designs.

Kadence and her sister Mia in 2010 when Mia got to go to school and Kaddie stayed home. Kaddie was only 3 in this picture. The QP is by Mat from one of Miriam's mini kits which are never very 'mini'.

Olivia went to the Benton County Fair with Uncle Cole and wife Sandy. Bridgit is taking the pictures of the face painting and fake tattoo. Looking at the bottom I see I have typed the name of the kit wrong but it was made by Miriam's Scraps either way.

That's enough for today. Time to take the little dog outside for his duty.
God Bless and have a great evening.
Hugs GrandmaSarge74


  1. As long as cat and puppy tolerate eachother all will be fine. Okay, at times some furr will fly arund bu tif that's all..........LOL!
    Glad you are settled in the new house and feeling okay there. Oh vines can be so vigorous, to get rid of them is hard work! And the same with not-wanted plants( I mean weed hahaha). Weed killer is something to do, but not the best for the soil. But used, just leave the soil rest to "recover", may be spread some fertilizer over it, and if you have the means or possibility cover that up with woodchips or something like that for gardens. It can suppress new growth of weed and in early spring it will have disappeared into the soil and enriched it. Then you can spread out the grass seed.
    You keep yourself quite busy with all the courses you do! What a determination!
    And then you do your scrapping too, and made lots of layouts, wow.
    Hopefully your stove will be fixed, because it think it is annoying not to be able to use the oven.
    Have yousefl a wonderful weekend

    1. Thanks for the info. I'm going to try it. Hope the land lord is pleased that I'm working on his yard. He lives in Seattle; about 5 hours away.

  2. I know you must be enjoying the finality of the move as you settle in! My littlest fur baby just decided he wanted in my lap....making typing harder...LOL! Anyhow, enjoy your new digs and love, love, love the photo layouts, especially the photo of you so many years ago! Enjoy your weekend making more memories to share. Hugs, Mat