Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Chakra's are confused

I clicked on one of those quick spots when I was really cruising on the internet (didn't do it on purpose) and ended up filling out a questionnaire but no personal information so I'm safe except for the email address.  Well I answered their questions and today they sent me a report on my Chakra. Some are closed meaning I'm insecure and some are great meaning I'm in charge of my own destiny.  How can I be both in the same body? One of those things that I should never answer and I didn't do it on purpose.

Last night for dinner I made 'Pot stickers' and rice. They were pork pot stickers and they were good but not of the quality that I'm used to serving. They fried up sort of hard but they still tasted OK so I guess it wasn't a complete failure.  This weekend I think I'm going to make some 'Lumpias' and fried rice. If you've ever been around any Military bases and made friends with any of the wives you've probably been introduced to  Lumpias. They are originally a Filipino dish. It's a very thin wrapper about 10" and in the Philippines they fill them with pork, cabbage and onions or whatever the lady has available. My American family likes them with cooked hamburger and cooked shredded potatoes. After bundling them up in the wrappers you fry them in about 2 inches of oil. Very filling.

We will be making a big batch of my sweet and sour recipe.  I used to be a waitress in a restaurant on Guam and I asked the cook how he made the sweet & sour sauce. He couldn't give me exact amounts, he just gave me a list of ingredients. It took me a lot of mistakes until I came up with an edible version of the restaurants. Now I've passed it along to my daughter and grand daughter. And I'm sure we'll indoctrinate the 4th generation this weekend.

Fall is slowly coming around and I've quit watering the yard. I've been keeping the rose bushes watered until it's really cold outside and then they can settle down for the winter. Every one tells me it's going to be a worse one than last year. I remarked some where that we had one morning of light snow and it was gone by dinner. And that was all we had. Granted we had a lot of bitter cold windy days but we survived. I miss the snow. I guess it was too cold to snow last year. We shall see. Some of the East coast of the US has already seen some snow and now they're playing with hurricanes. I wouldn't trade this weather for any of theirs and I grew up in Northern Pennsylvania where we had 2 or 3 feet of snow from October thru February and sometimes into March. But I was only a teen at that time and they have no triggers against cold and snow. We loved making snow forts and snow people and having snow ball wars!

Bridgit and I are coming along on our new house (it's actually from the 50's) and it's still standing. We got a new washing machine from a lady who was moving to Florida and couldn't take it with her. She didn't have a dryer or someone else got her dryer (don't really know) and we can live with just a washer. I went outside on Monday and stretched a wire from one of the back porch/patio pillars to the next and then to the next. Now we just wash clothes and hang them outside. Sort of reminiscent of my youth except in the early 50's the washer had hand cranked rollers to wring out the clothes. That was always my job. Even tried to run my fingers thru it once or twice.

And now for some new scrap book pages.

The young ladies are ready for school. The kit is from Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart designs.

Little Amyah is cute no matter what. Kit is from Miriam's Scraps.

One of my favorite couples, Eddie & Marie. Still using the same kit from Miriam's Scraps

Here's Marie in another one of Kyra's kits. This one is Frederque.

Sandy has a horse so she's the favorite Auntie now! She shares the barn chores with Olivia. And another kit by Kyra.

Olivia really got into braiding Indy's mane. I used a kit from Studio Manu

And another picture of aunt Sandy and Olivia with the Star being Independence aka Indy. This kit is called 'A Crisp Autumn Day' and came from Tooty Pups designs. 

 I'm going to sign up for a course on Winston Chruchill next week and I'm really looking forward to the readings that will go with it.

Meanwhile here's some Hugs from Sarge


  1. It is confusing to get two possibilities on your Chakra's LOL!
    Oh, basck in earlier days I didn;t mind some snow either, but now i can do without it. I hope we will have a mild winter here, with not too many stormy weather and such and little or no snow.
    I never owned a dryer for my laundry, so I am used to hang it out to dry. And it does the job as well, hahaha. It takes a bit longer , but it also saves energy, cayse those dryers have an impact on the electricity bill!
    What course you will be sigining up for? Gosh, you are brave, doing studies and courses ujp until now.
    Good to hear you all are getting used to the new house. It always takes time to settle down on a new location.
    Have a lovely weekend and upciming week.

  2. Good Morning Sarge, glad things are finally calming down some for you...we finally left all the 90+F temps yesterday. First day we had below 70F to start the day (68F), this morning it is 64F and I am loving it, have all the windows open and my fur babies are going nuts with all the fresh air, smells and sounds....they are going from window to window to doors...LOL! I am hoping for enough breeze to blow out some of the hair balls and dust bunnies....ROFL!
    Your pages are terrific, glad you are making them again and thanks for using my QP! Have a fantastic weekend, supposed to be a lovely one here with NO humidity for a change! YAY!!!!!
    Hugs, Mat