Friday, October 9, 2015

Sharing a recipe

I spent a lot of time moving around the "Pacific Rim" . I started in California then went to Midway Island with 2 babies and had another while I was there. All girls and they have given me 5 beautiful grand children. Two of those grand children have given me 5 adorable Great Grandchildren.

Second duty station was Guam in the Marianas area. That was a great 2 year tour where I worked as a waitress in one of the establishments in downtown Agana. It was here that I discovered a great tasting sweet and sour sauce. I had asked the cook one night while I was on a break from serving drinks and food for his recipe. He laughed and told me he made it in great big tubs and all he could tell me was what he put in it.  So I made several horrible pots of it but I finally figured it out. I'll share it at the end of this blog.

During my time on Midway Island I was introduced to Lumpias . I must admit that being American some of the ingredients that were used by the Filipino wives weren't palatable for me. So being the resourceful Navy wife, I substituted and made one that my husband and my children really loved and they have kept it going through the two generations of women in my family. The 4 generation isn't old enough to appreciate the fine art of cooking. The oldest is just turned 11 so it might take a little time. But we are going to have a lesson for the lovely Olivia who will be 11 in December.

Japan was an Island for learning Teriyaki Chicken, and won tons. I have noticed that almost every country has a dish that is some sort of meat & ?? in a wrapper and either boiled or fried.

I've learned to cook Pot Stickers and got a sauce recipe from a lady Chef walking around and she wrote it on the back of a sales slip and I've made it several times for pot lucks at Charlie's house.

I haven't learned Pirogi's from scratch but you can find them in the freezer section so I can still have them. Pirogi are something my good friend Peaches introduced me to. Her parents are from Poland and her mom made the best ones and her beet soup was special also. She says she has a recipe to share with me so maybe I'll be trying my hand at that in future.

My sister learned a lot of Mexican dishes when she married her husband Reynaldo! She has come to my house and made tortillas from scratch and left them behind when she left from her visit. She didn't  make any enchiladas but I've got a really neat machine that imprints pics and lines for cutting. I just fill them with cheese, and bacon pieces. Great Grand kids love them, probably because of the neat pictures toasted into them.

As I promised here are the two recipes that my family loves so much. And I'd love to hear about any sort of wrapped food item you want to share with me. Like I can't figure out if there is something like a burrito in France.
Sorry about the noodle at the bottom. When I made this scrapbook page it was for my friend in CA and put my phone number there as a joke. I've also noticed that I forgot to tell you to mix the onion, garlic, salt & pepper to taste as you are cooking the meat. I'm sure you would have figured that out but just in case. It does make for a good sized batch and they do freeze well sealed in small batches.

The added spoon is my attempt to cover my address which I had put there for my friend's info since I have recently moved and I wasn't sure I had given it to him. This young man used to baby sit my girls when he was in HS. They loved him, probably because I think he let them get away with stuff that I wouldn't have. 

The kit I used to make these with was 'Rustic Table' by Raspberry Road Designs. I thought since I didn't have any real cooking pictures to do that a large recipe card would do. 

HUGS Grandma Sarge

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  1. It's nice to have tried all kind of different food. My mom used to cook well and of course did a lot of Russian food but also french Italian, Dutch, well, whatever was tasteful.
    I think I will try my hands on the lumpia and perhaps even the sauce LOL.
    I really love pirogi or even better pirog( like kind of quiche, but still different LOL). It;s a bit of work but oh so tasty e.g. with a bowl of soup.
    and you have the pirogi that you boil in water and the ones you bake in the oven with puff pastry or normal pastry. yeah those Polish and Russians, have some delicious food LOL.
    On to my further blogreading and then perhaps later today a bit of designing at the computer.
    Have a wonderful weekend.