Sunday, December 28, 2014

Slowing down a little

I'm having trouble with some of my software. One problem came when I did what the message said and clicked on the fix. Now my scrapbook program is gone. Luckily I had an older boxed version of it so I've been using it for a couple of days until I get the new boxed version I just had to reorder...

All of the Christmas parties are over and the kids still have another week of vacation left. Good thing they all got some neat things to play with or some of the mothers will be going crazy with "I don't have anything to do" ringing in their ears.

We've had biting cold winds up here in the high desert but no snow. At least no snow until maybe this morning or this afternoon. I can hope but I'm not holding my breath. There is a large dark cloud hanging over my area of the world but I can't tell if has snow or not. I'm not a scientist, I just wait till it starts and then I say "Look it's snowing".

Not many new scrapbook pages but I did make some neat Christmas cards with a pkg from Studio Manu that included premade cards that all I had to do was pop in a picture, and print them out. I've sent them to all my best friends. I'm slipping them into the latest calendar from the "Cold War Patriots". I happen to be Ms September. I entered the contest to send a favorite family recipe and I got picked to be featured in Sept. and I picked the picture they used. It's from 1984 when I was the "XO" of the local Sea Cadet Unit. One boy couldn't hit the bulls eye so he just ran up and hit it so I'c get dunked.

Cold War Patriots is an organization to help former Nuclear Workers get the resources they need to take care of the health problems associated with working in a hostile Nuclear environment. One of the bldgs. I was housed in for two years has a 15 page list of the previous chemicals used in this "former chem lab". It was hosed down, painted and some office furniture moved in and then they moved us in there. It's no wonder I have asbestos in my lungs along with other nasty stuff and I'm on Oxygen pretty much 24/7.

Now here's some of my latest creations.
The cookie exchange at the Senior center. Olivia & Marv enjoyed some cookies together.

A montage of all three of our pets. Mrs. Beasley is mine, while the two dogs are Charlie's.

Charlie and her new boyfriend Kelin.

Charlie's latest card.

Olivia in one of my 'Red Hats' and poor Chazz suffering with the reindeer antlers on her head.

Junior found the pile of my bears and thought it a cushy place to nap.

Junior's Christmas card. Kit is from Tooty Pup Designs.

I had to pick this one for my two 'little people'. As elves they don't work much but they enjoy the cookies.

Marv is one of my best buddies. He has the same problems with the lungs as I do only a lot worse.

A lovely lady with her first Grandchild. Moe and Margaret (aka Maggie).

Phil's newest grandchild and the older brother. Now Moe has more babies to hug on and spoil.

My Christmas card with my Patriotic Bear and a monkey in a santa hat.

Waiting for Snow but I don't think we're going to have any at all this year.

Time to fix some breakfast. Have a nice day and God Bless you all with a special Blessing on the Men/Women in Uniform and in harms way! Keep them Safe and bring them home soon.!


  1. What a luck you still had an older version of the software program, it is uncomprehensible sometimes how things disappear on a computer LOL!
    Well, you say you didn;t do many layouts but I think it is a pretty large bundle.
    We had some snow over the weekend but I am glad it almost is gone again, temperatures above freezing pont, only at night just around it. Good enough for me.
    Wishing you a wonderful New years celebration, and all good things coming your way in the new year!

  2. so sorry have not been visiting much for past few months, have been terribly busy with getting the duplex repaired, ready and rented, plus having trouble with pesky cataracts too, so time has been limited on the computer.
    Looks like you had a wonderful holiday and I am wishing that 2015 you experience many blessings! Great pages and enjoyed the read. Hugs, Mat

  3. I had the cataracts taken care of in Sept. and it's the only smart thing I've done in 2014. But I still enjoy making some pages.