Monday, December 15, 2014

A Birthday Party & a Surprise on Sunday

Saturday was the birthday party for our Olivia. Since the family adults (at least most of them) work we had the party on Saturday at the apartment complex clubhouse where Bridgit & Olivia live. It's a really nice club house with a pool/ping pong room, an entertaining room and a small kitchenette with openings into both areas.  Naturally the big boys went into the pool room to play pool and some of the kids gave the ping pong table a whirl. Not saying they did any good, they were so noisy I stayed in the other room with a buffer in between.

The Birthday Girl sees herself as a 'Nerd' and requested a Star Wars party.  So both Bridgit and I went on the internet.  We found loads of stuff and I even found a blog by a "home school" teacher/mom where she uses the items for the kids she's teaching numbers, game skills, team play and whatever else it is they aren't teaching in the public schools. I printed out 14 'Jedi' completion certificates and after the kids at our party had done the obstical course of crawling on the floor between floating baloons (Helium of course) and some sparing (I think) with the light sabers we found at the $ store they got a certificate with their name on it signed by Obi One himself (tic). They are the latest members of the force of Jedi.

Food was particularly interesting. I had made a recipe of cookies a friend had posted on FB called Italian Christmas cookies which I renamed and labeled "Wookie Cookies", the punch and the soda was renamed Yoda Soda, and the veggie tray was renamed Vader Veggies. Oh, and there was a couple of bowls of check mix promptly renamed Chewbacca chews. It was quite a festive party and all the kids had fun. I had found all these names as tags for the dishes and printed them out here at home, put them on the bowls, dishes & bottles with tape.

Here are the pictures from this party. The pictures I made of the Wookie Cookies just couldn't be made into a scrapbook page so they are just as is.
Olivia with her new soft blankets on her head and lap. Mom and cousin Kaddie are looking on.

All of the kids who were there.  Some related and some not.

Two star war figures on the table in front of the Wookie Cookies and the Space Puffs.

Blue & Green Helium filled balloons from the $ store.

Close up of the Wookie Cookies.

Wookie Cookies done in regulasr frosting when I ran out of the stuff made from the recipe.

Sweet little Kaddie crawling the obsticale course.

They had fun and that's all that matters. The adult head aches are just collateral damage.

I almost forgot to tell you what the surprise was. My daughter Charlie got 3 tickets from her friend Greg and she and Kelin took me to the Regal theater Sunday afternoon to see the BIG screen version of White Christmas. I took Olivia along since she had never seen it at all. I've seen it many times on TV but this was the first time I'd seen it on the big screen in VistaVision. WOWie. It was great, colorized and we wern't sitting too far back so it was really big.

Hugs from Grandma Sarge! And thanks to the ladies who made the kits I used and will continue to use. I've put the names at the bottom of the picture I made so you have to blow them up a bit to see which one I used.


  1. What a great idea to have a birtdayparty Star Wars style LOL!
    You all made a great effort to let it look wonderful, and I am sure the kids loved it. And yeah, often the kids just have great fun and the adults are pooped out after such a party but it's worth the hectic.
    Will your Christmas day also be so hectic or do you keep a lower profile? Anyway, I hope you will have a terrific Christmas in the best health you can have.

  2. We're going to my Grandson's house early in the am in our PJ's and watch the 4 4th generation children open presents. Grandson David is making breakfast and then after a reasonable time we'll return home and take naps. I also think David & wife will have to bop over to her parents home and have dinner there and more presents for 3 of the 4 kids.

  3. Good Morning, hope your Christmas was a fantastic one. Been off the computer a lot lately because of these pesky cataracts and that I have been so very busy with repairing my home and renting out the other side of the duplex...and of course, baking and shopping and wrapping and cooking know all the rest! LOL. Wishes sent for a very happy, safe and healthy 2015 for you and yours! Love all the pages you have and looked at off for a spell to rest the eyes...have a fabulous weekend. Hugs, Mat