Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

I watched the new year arrive 3 times before it got to me. I guess that makes it official for's 2015.  I did miss the station (if any did) that had a 'big band' doing the Guy Lombardo version of Auld Lang Syne.   Times Square in NY was really loud. I couldn't find another station in the Central time zone doing anything special so they showed NY over again. My Gr-grand daughter and I had popcorn and she had punch while I had diet root beer.

Grand daughter Bridgit had to deal with the people at the hotel where she works. She's 'security' and 'night audit'. She confiscated an industrial size "blow torch" and let the man know that she was aware of all the fireworks he had stashed in a suitcase hidden in the corner. She did not return the blow torch since that would mean calling the police and reporting the incident. It is illegal to take a blow torch into a hotel room so if he didn't want to go to jail he left in the morning without his torch. Let him explain that one to his boss. And she herded more than a few drunks to their rooms. It was a pretty rough night for her.

Here's the few scrapbook pages I've managed to get finished in 5 days.

Daughter 'Charlie' with her friend for the New Years Party. He's in the band that was playing at the establishment they went to for a New Year's bash.

We managed to have 2 inches of snow on the 4th of January so Olivia and Chazz went out to play in it. This is the 5th and there isn't a smidgen of snow left on the ground. I did cut her and the pooch out of the picture I took of them in the snow by the tree in our back yard.

Party goers on New Years Eve. This is Greg, Charlie & Connie. They had a good time and saw the new year arrive in style!!

I'm feeling a bit haggard due to an air inversion in our area along with a stagnation alert. I'm off to my room for another breathing treatment.  See y'all later in the week.


  1. Good Morning, thought I would stop by while I can still see this early in the morning...LOL! What lovely layouts you have added to your photos...great job. I ushered in 2015 with the ball dropping in NY, but could not make it until midnight here in Fort Worth so I was just snored right through it with my fur babies keeping me warm. Have a wonderful week ahead creating more memories! Hugs, Mat

    1. Glad you made it through at least one time. My Niece probably got it for you...she's over there in Lewisville, TX.
      I've had Bronchitis for over a week now...hopefully it'll get knocked out soon. I still have about 5 days of MOXI left to take so here's to good thoughts, hot broth and camomile tea. Doozy of a way to loose weight but I'm not complaining about any lost pounds.