Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. And it's been awhile since I've managed to be creative.  Seems the Bronchitis took away my creativity too as well as my stamina. For 3 days I only got out of bed for bathroom trips. Finally on day 4 we got me to the doctor and she gave me a "super shot" in the posterior which she said would hurt but didn't. Then it was 2 weeks of antibiotics  which I just finished last night.

I'm still waiting on the new software. I found that in my stupor of Bronchitis I had forgotten to even order it. When the fog finally cleared from my brain, I ordered it and it's been 6 days so any day now it'll get here.  Then I can maybe get back to normal. Of course with my daughter's new job I have to make room in this office for another desk. She can't keep spreading everything out on the dining room table. So I have to get busy and pack up some of my junk that is actually archiveable but I'm just too foggy brained to get it all put away.

Have received another denial from the claims people so the advocate is filling another appeal. I think I'm going to have to get another CT scan to satisfy them that there is actually 3 spots of asbestos on the lungs. We shall see what she thinks.

I did manage to get a couple of pages made using the old software but it doesn't play nice with window 8 so it's too frustrating to keep using it. Takes almost an hour to get it to quit flashing and make one move I've told it to do.
Trying to preserve the old memories. That's me in 1943 and the top picture is circa 1951.

This one is 1950 on the front steps of the Orphanage where I lived.

Mrs Beasley is definately a diva in her mind.

a picture I made for a young friend of her two dogs who enjoy a nap together.

Signing off to make something to eat.


  1. Hope you really get well soon and without any problems. Bronchitis isn;t the best of things, I know.
    And it will take a bit of time to recover completely from it.
    Sorry to hear your appeal didn;t work out and that you will have to cintinue to fight, together with your advocate. It is really hard to win from government.
    Take it easy on yourself, don;t overdo the work in your office to get some room for your daughter. It will not stick to a few days more.
    Windows 8 is on the laptop of my husband, but i don;t like it. I am glad I have windows 7 on mine.
    It may have taken some time, but the layouts are great.
    Have a good day.

  2. Thank you for the compliment and I'm going back to the doctor to see if another CT scan is in order.

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better, hope you continue to steadily feel better each and every day! Thanks for using my QP for Miss diva, MzKitty is sitting here at my computer asking for some petting and making it hard to type...LOL (she is the one used in the QP)!
    Take care of yourself and don't over do and I love the older photos of you, these are precious memories to make sure you keep! Have a great week ahead. Hugs, Mat