Monday, July 21, 2014

More Tests

I thankfully say none of the upcoming test have anything to do with fasting and needles.  This Wednesday I'm having a Bone Density Test or as they like to say a Dexa Scan. I haven't had one of these since 2011. Guess it's time.  Then the following week it's a PFT and 6 min walk test. Should be interesting since they said no breathing meds before I get in there. At least it's at 9 am.

Saturday was a BBQ at Greg's house. He has a good sized back yard with all sorts of BBQs and Smokers. He smoked a brisket but I didn't have any of it. I had a good sized burger and a Bratwurst (which was slightly spicy). Beans and macaroni salad topped it off. That's enough but the fact that I ate it all made me sort of uncomfortable. Good old Papaya helped that out. It was Brian's birthday and it was the whole gang from Thursday nite. Charlie took a lot of pictures and I've made some scrapbook pages.

Isn't she just the cutest thing? This is Amyah and her Mom Christine. The kit was Purple Day by Moleine.

Brian, whose birthday we were celebrating and my girl Charlie  giving a kiss to Brian's wife Ann. I used a kit "Tequila Sunrise by dbd.

Dear Charlie found the hammock and decided to give it a try. Another pic from Tequila Sunrise.

Our dog Chazz with her arm over the puppy Junior (I guess to keep him from annoying her). "Sweet Dreams" by Bel Scrap.

A very sweet young lady in the US Army named Krista. She qualified on the shooting range and she enjoys working out at the base gym. The kit was 'Foggy Summer Evening' by Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart Designs.

My not so sweet Mrs Beasley in her favorite past time, when she's not laying in wait to attack me. This is also from the Foggy Summer Evening by Kyra.
Going to rest the eyes now. Talk to you in a couple of days.

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  1. Terrific photos and layouts, love the kitten and! My weakness!! :D
    Hope all your visits go well, I know about having them done, always dread them, but so happy when all are finished for another year...I have mammo and eyes to go then through until 2015...yippee! Have a wonderful week ahead! Hugs, Mat