Friday, July 11, 2014

Lots of appointments this week and some more next week.

Lab work is always fun and this is the 4th time for this in one year. Mainly because the lab work needs to be under 30 days before cataract surgery. This means that when ever it was cancelled and rescheduled it was scheduled 4 months into the future which meant another set of labs and another physical. I'm getting pretty tired of this so I'm going off the 'reservation' meaning the VA (which is in trouble these days anyway) and I have an appointment with a local doctor for the exam and a referral to a local surgeon for the cataract surgery. Should have it taken care of by labor day. Wish me luck!

We've also had our little man, Aayden this week. He's getting so big. And today his daddy and Grandpa Marc took him to the swimming pool here in our park. He loved it. Then he came home and got into my shower to wash all the swimming pool water off. It's a salt water pool and it's heated. Absolutely a great way to enjoy the afternoon or at least an hour or so of it.

My Pulmonary doctor is setting me up for Pulmonary Rehab, now that the Rehab Center has moved back to Richland. It's less than 3 miles from our house. I'll be back on the bicycles and whatever else to help with the cardio which in turn will help with the pulmonary. And hopefully it'll help me loose some pounds! I should loose about 50 but I'll be happy with 30. And she's going to schedule me for some special tests: a 6 min. walk test with a spironmetry before and after (what ever that means). I only hope it doesn't hurt. lol I also get to have a full Pulmonary Function Test. Those are always fun. She's going to stretch the time out because of the heat wave we're having (over 100 for the next 8 days or so). She doesn't want me out in the heat since it makes breathing harder. Yeah! tell me about it. I'm the one with the 500 lb gorilla on my chest. I am sort of excited about getting back into rehab.

Enough about the medical junk! Let's talk about "Scrap booking". I made some using Kyra's and Miriam's, and some from Raspberry Road and who knows what I've done. I like the pictures, so here they are.

This is Kaddie and her brother Aayden. They came out from behind the couch looking like little immigrants/peasants. Grandma Charlie liked the look so she asked us to take a picture. The kit was "Born to Garden" by Raspberry Road designs.

Eric and his daughter Haven getting ready for a water balloon fight. The kit is "Catch a Wave" from Manu Studios.

I can' remember if Moe was into golfing before she moved over to the coast. She's certainly enjoying it now. This is Moe & husband Phil somewhere on a golf course. The kit is "Travelworld" from Manu Studios. And a piece from her Catch a Wave kit also. I do some mixing and matching.

Lovely Moe with the Wine of the Day. Kit is "A Moment to Remember" from Manu Studios.

I know I used this picture before but they are so sweet. It's a new kit called "Born to Garden" by Raspberry Road designs.
Thursday nite is "Live @ Five", a concert in the park where they usually give away something to the kids. Last night it was the spooky looking glasses he has on. I have no idea if he could see or not. But he had fun in the park! This is Manuela's kit "Catch a Wave". Thanks Manu!

Time to rest my eyes. The computer is too small and I squint a lot. The TV is easier since it has sound and I can make out who they are anyway. I squint sometimes there also and it won't be long before I can quit with the squinting.

Good Night everyone and Have a Blessed Day!

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