Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July has Come and Gone

The weather is extremely warm and my computer room is probably the warmest in the house. This is where I have the concentrator that connects to the long 50+ foot hose that I wear. Most of the time I feel like I only need it at night but sometimes I need it during the day when the atmosphere is oppressive. Or maybe I've over gauged my level of stamina and did something I really shouldn't do, like lift things I have no business lifting at my age. Anyway, today is one of those hot muggy days so I'm staying inside. Time to wash the blankets and sheets on the bed.

I have been busy making scrap book pages and I'd like to share a few.

This was such a sweet picture (with some one's leg & foot and a post, that I had to cut Haven out of the picture and make her own special place. I used an old kit from Carina (in France) called In the Forest.

I'm not sure where the kids were to listen to story time but Haven is right in the front and loving the stories. This was a QP from someone, (I think from Linda but I could be wrong). I just added a few Disney characters.

This was the original cut out from the snapshot, so I put it in one of Miriam's kits called "Mega Wedding".  Isn't Haven looking sweet?
The kit is the one I used for my Grandson's wedding album. 
Miriam I made 52 pictures for that album then turned it into a slide show and put it in a viewer for the kids anniversary. Thanks.

Haven and her Mom are blowing bubbles at the wedding. The kit is "Cottage Rose" by Raspberry Road Designs.

Picture of Haven after they took off the white dress from the wedding.  Kit I used was "Fabuloso" by Kyra at Russian-Dutch Heart Designs. Thank you Kyra.

Had two of the Gr-Grand kids for lunch last week and their Mom brought "do it yourself " individual pizzas for them to put together and then we baked them for the kids. They had a good time. I used  the kit, "Berry Delight" by Raspberry Road Designs.  Gr-Grand daughter's sister came along and we don't see much of Mia, so this was a treat.

Going to get my laundry taken care of now.
Every one have a great day and as you celebrate the 4th of July, Please stay safe and watch the children carefully. Little fingers can get blown off by some of those fire crackers.

God Bless America and God Bless all of you!

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  1. Nicely scrapped photos, looks like everyone had a great holiday! Have a great rest of the week and weekend ahead....very hot and STICKY here, so staying inside and reading a lot! Not in a creative mood...but will soon pass I am sure!...LOL! Hugs, Mat