Saturday, July 19, 2014

I Survived all the Doctors!

Started out the week on a pretty sour note. The VA now won't authorize the cataract surgery without a cardiac release from a specialist. This was the 4th VA physical for the cataract surgery, so why didn't they say something before? I've lost all belief in the VA system. I may have served the Navy 20 years but they certainly aren't serving me very well now.

Then it was about an hour on Tuesday with the Resource Center for former Nuclear workers. Got some paperwork straightened out there and paperwork sent off to the proper place and now we wait for a couple more visits with folks.

First one is with the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab center for a Pulmonary Function Test. You'd think as much as I enjoy talking and I'm pretty good at it, this wouldn't be too much of a problem. Blowing into a tube until you've emptied your lungs as a young lassie wasn't any problem at all. Now at 74 with COPD & other malfunctions, it's a major thing. Then they want me to do a six min. walk. That doesn't sound like something to worry about either but I have trouble with the hips. Think I've got a major malfunction going on in the right hip. I don't know if I can last 6 mins walking even with the oxygen attached. Well week after next we'll be finding out how bad this stuff really is.

Next week I'm trying to get on the schedule for a bone density test to see how bad the Osteo-porosis is. That's an easy test. Not like the 4 fasting blood draws in the last year.

And that's enough whining for now. I'm a big girl and I'm the one who didn't really take care of the body I was given so I really shouldn't complain.

Today the Thursday night gang that used to show up here at our house are meeting today for a BBQ at Greg's back yard. His house isn't too far from the Columbia River so it shouldn't be too bad there after 5 pm.  Hanburgers & a smoked Brisket are what is on the menu for tonight with sides galore. Greg has a pretty good sized garden so the salad will be really fresh. If it's grown up should be grown by now though.

Here's a couple of scrapbook pages from my increasing album. I'll take the camera tonight and get some good ones of the Thurs nite gang. Looking forward to getting a good pic of Zakiah's new hair cut, and I'll surly be making a feature page of the side of his head. I've seen one picture of it but it wasn't taken in the right light. It was taken facing the sun so it's got a big flash of light on it.

Carrie Wessling with her daughter. Kit was A Perfect Moment by Manuela Zimmerman/Manu Studios

Eric with a camp fire in the back yard. The QP was from the kit Breathless by Kyra at Russian-Dutch Heart.

My sister-in-law Joanne at a ball game in Minnesota.  This QP was done by tonpop from the kit A Perfect Moment by Manuela Zimmerman

Little baby Matthew Michael  put together from  the kit "At The Beach" by Kyra at Russian-Dutch Heart designs.
That's all for now. Hugs to everyone and have a Blessed weekend.

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