Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beautiful day to be outside

I spent a little time outside with my camera today.  And before I list the pictures, let me explain, the people who own this great house, are outdoorsy folks. Big Motor home, kayaks, off road vehicle, smaller size ATVs, a boat, and a couple of cars, plus a flatbed trailer to move things around when they go hunting or camping. A lot of the "toys' were in the back yard so there are some bare spots and not a lot of grass but a lot of weeds. I'm working on the weeds but I think I'm going to let 'Round-up' take over that job.   Now for the pictures:
This is the terraced section that I fell and hit my head on those fancy stone slabs. Big 'Owie'. I'm see the doctor on Tuesday so she'll probably order an x-ray or two.  The wire cage is two tomato plants that were given to us as a house warming. I was trying to get to the upper level with some cut up potatoes to plant them there when I fell forward and hit my forhead and hurt the shoulder.

These are a couple of Rhubarb plants that grew up from previous years. But I like Rhubarb-strawberry pie so it's all good.

This is a patch of 'Wild Mountain Strawberries' which I don't think are going to very big and if Olivia even allows them to grow up at all. She's a fruit addict.

The strange contraption in the back is a vertical garden made of 'pallets' that you can usually get for free from some stores or even a pittance if they're stingy. There's some chocolate mint in the bottom and I'm not sure what's in the other levels.

The landlord left us the compost bin and I sent Grand daughter Bridgit to the store after some fat red worms to put in there. That was a terrific sight watching her hold the bag with 2 fingers and dropping it on my desk. There is a third vertical garden on the other side of the fence but I don't think it has anything growing in it. We shall see.
Landlord said they were 'horse radishes' I don't like them so I'm going to let someone else have them when they are ready. As you can see Mrs Beasley likes wandering around through the front to back or in this case back to front yards. If I leave the gate open.

I'm not well versed in these plants but they had some pretty blooms.

and there are 2 of these red pots with something in them, that the landlord didn't want to move so he left them behind.

There's 3 or 4 of those long gray planters and they all had green onions in them when we moved in but they got sent to the dump where they can propagate to their hearts content.

There are some pretty pinkish Iris's and the barrel is really full. I can imagine since it wasn't thinned out they aren't going to bloom.

I can't tell if the bus covering the iron arbor is hydrangea or azalea

Then there is the corner garden with it's rock cover but 2 lilac bushes and a couple of others. Maybe I'll make some closeups of these plants and then Kyra can tell me what they are.

Bridgit and Jess planted all sorts of flowers in those orange planters hanging on the fence. And in a couple of the gray planters also. Don't know what they planted but we'll know when they bloom. They are doing great. Getting watered by the sprinkling system 2 times a day helps a lot.
If you look close you can see where 'Serenity' is making us a golf course in the back yard. She comes in the house through her doggie door in the laundry room several times a day soaking wet and muddy. I think she rolls in it. I know Mrs Beasley does, it shows really good on her shiney black and white coat.

This one is Dark Green Basil.

This one is a candy cane rose bush that Jess got for Bridgit.

The two hanging plants are known as Party Palms. One of those pots actually has 2 so I should be separating them again. Then there are 'Holly hocks or something like that in the 2 pots at the base of the porch supports. This is where we had the big house warming party. There's a gas BBQ in the corner and a Fire pit so entertaining out side is going to be fun.
I did take a bunch of pics today so if you have any idea what I've got growing let me know. I can't pick them out unless they come with a little stick with a name on them.

Have a nice week friends. Got to go to bed now!

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  1. Hard to tell from some plants the names, may be I can indeed if you take closer photo. Think the bush at the gate isn;t hydrangea. Could perhaps be Azale, but I am not too sure about it. Perhaps close up will help here too.
    will try to figure out for you, but for some I am sure you will have to wait till they perhaps have blooms LOL.
    It will take some time to make a real garden of it, but at least you have space outside where you can grow things.
    Hope your fall was just a fall, with perhaps a bruise or bump and nothing more. You should be more careful!!
    Have a lovely day.