Sunday, April 17, 2016

In the new house!

Moving day was quite exciting. We had a crew of at least 25 friends who came over and made the walk down one driveway and up the other to the new house. Not a very far move but it's like moving from the projects into Buckingham Palace.  I just finished my bedroom today and the only thing left to put in there is the Foux Fireplace to go with the new electric logs I bought a month ago in anticipation.

The finished bedroom:
Got the quilt on the wall (present from Dani a few years back) that I just love, cat play station which she ignores, and the recliner that I sleep in every night to I'm at enough of an angle for my breathing.

An old seascape from years ago but still in great shape and I like the picture.  The Lighthouse picture was a gift from a friend and it goes well with the seascape.

Last year for Christmas I got Mrs. Beasley the window perch so she could lay in the sun which comes streaming in there in the afternoon.
Looking down the hall way from my room . Olivia's room on the right and Bridgit's room at the end of the hall.

This alcove was done by the landlord to accommodate his son's guinea pig but now it's my work space and it's just right. 

Mrs. Beasley is enjoying the afternoon sun while it's still not such a burning sun. Later on this summer, it'll be too hot and I'll have the sun block shades up there. But it's comfy so she might like it anyway.

The hall way behind my head is where Bridgit has put all the pictures of herself and her daughter along with her siblings. 

Bridgit is hosting a House warming and a Thank you party for all the people who came and helped us move. It's getting a bit loud around here so I'm not going to try any more thinking. I may post some more after everyone leaves after the time around the fire pit that the new landlord gave to us. I guess he got a new one for his new house.

Talk to you later.


  1. Wishing you happy times in this house, with less trouble. Seems the landlord you have now, is much nicer than the old one.
    Your room looks nice and cosy and i am sure Mrs. Beasly will find her place too LOL!
    t's nice you had soo many people around to help you all move, and then it is nice of you and Brdigit have this house warming/thank you party for them.
    Seems you have quite a lot of veggies in your garden, LOL. well, some of them you can keep and of course some of them will have to go and make place perhaps for some nice flowers.
    Take care and you all take some rest after this moving stress.

    1. The kids planted a whole bunch of flowers in the front. She left some barrels, some planters and even some hanging on the fence. I'll take pictures this afternoon and then you can see our really pretty front yard. A little squirrel comes by to see if any more peanuts have been left for him. The landlady took to leaving them each morning but I don't have any peanuts in the shell so I'm leaving him some ruminants of squirrel food. If he doesn't like that then maybe I can get some p-nuts at the store next time I go.

  2. Wow, looks terrific, so very proud you found your mansion to retreat to! Now that I am finished with my 3 month job until next year, I hope to play catch up with my blog friends and with some scrapping and designing! Enjoy this lovely weekend. hugs, Mat

    1. Tax season is always rather stressing. I got my refund real fast and then about 1 week later I got a message that the IRS was going to sue me. Naturally I laughed as I deleted it. The same for the Nut -job that called the day I took my nasty fall in the garden. He said I had been awarded 2.5 million dollars and they just need to do a form to verify. Through my sniffling and tears I told him to just send the check in the mail and I'm waiting for my EMT friend to fix up my shoulder and clean up the blood running down my face. At least the black eye from the bump on my forehead wasn't really big. It's almost gone. Now I'll get the shoulder looked at on Tuesday at the VA clinic and they will probably want x-rays. Oh well, I'm a Klutz sometimes but the garden looks pretty good.