Friday, March 25, 2016

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day. We're moving into a house with all the amenities (wash+dryer), dishwasher, A/C that works, Stove that works in both top and oven, Heat in all the bedrooms, finished floors (not contaminated with excrement) and a fenced in yard with a doggie door for the puppy who isn't a puppy any more but still real small dog. We had to purchase our refrigerator when we moved in here, since the one that was here was contaminated with black mold so our frig will sit in the laundry room by the hot water tank. It's going to be great. And I'm starting seeds for my garden. It isn't going to be real big but at least I'll have one this year. And the strawberries are already green but no berries yet. There are several plants along the back fence and I might put a couple more in to fill it in. I understand I'll also have some pumpkins that her son planted and they will probably come back. There are containers of onions already to picked in the front yard but no one in our house likes onions. Guess I'll pull them and give them to daughter's boyfriend to see what he can do with them.

I can hardly believe our good fortune. And the best thing is we only have to move from one driveway to the next driveway with our dollies and a good crew to do the work. Their plan is to put the kitchen stuff over there first and me to put it away. With my lungs and bad hip, I wouldn't be much help any way and that way I'm out of every ones way. I'll put the dishes away and arrange the food in the new pantry, at least the food that doesn't fit  in the kitchen. I'm also going to make pizzas with the emphasis on the plural. It'll be the first time in 8 months we've baked. We do have a small portable "toaster oven" and a toaster too but couldn't do pizza or casseroles or cakes. Pans don't fit. Now we have a regulation sized oven so we can bake to our little hearts content, cakes, cookies, main dishes, fries in the oven and whatever else.

I think it's a crew of about 6 grown men and same amount of women along with some teenagers and our 'tween' who will be 12 in Dec.  And we will probably have to run down to Lil Caesars for their $5.00 ones if I run out of the homemade fixin's.

My TV will be back in business on Monday the 28th but the internet & phone won't be done until Tuesday the 29th in the afternoon. I will have an office nook in the hallway and out of the living room. Looks to be just big enough for my desk and one book case to put the printer on top of. Today my computer for some reason won't acknowledge the printer so I'm going to have to reinstall it after we get to the new house. Luckily I still have the disk that came with it, in one of the boxes that I've packed.

Anyway, this is going to be it until next week sometime when everything comes together at the new house. I'll have pictures to share of old and new.

Have a great weekend and God Bless everyone.

Our little 'Tween' who had a marvelous time at a RADCON convention. She helped with the Security team, running errands and such. They all adored her. The gentleman with her is the designer of some of the Star Wars costumes. 

Bridgit as R2D2 and the 'Tween' as Dead Pool. Haven't got a clue who that is. Haven't seen a Star Wars movie since the first one. And I can't remember whose quick page I used for this one but when I find out I'll fix the Post.

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  1. Wish you all the luck in your new home. It must feel as a real Christmasgift, with all the stuff that is working normally, and place for everyone.
    and what fun you have a yard with already some plants in it, that always is fun to see it grow. And you are just in time to grow some seeds for spring and summertime.
    Hopefully all connections for tv and internet will work on the day they are scheduled.
    of course it will take a bit of time to settle down and have all in good order and place, but only knowing you have a safe house is soooo relaxing.
    Looking forward to some photos of your new home.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.