Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Back to normal, I think

I was just reading a blog from one of the nice ladies at Digital Scrapbooking that she continued over on her blog. What a really neat story and such a sweet little man who loves his "pretty mommy". I've decided to post the one I have of myself which was taken in 1962 along with one in my uniform in 1962.
Naval Station Long Beach, Calif. Aug.16.1962

I believe the only one can still wear that dress is my 11 yr old Great Grand daughter, Olivia but if she goes the way of the rest of the females in our family the Top isn't going to fit. lol

A couple of weeks before the wedding and I was really glad to get out of that barracks.

Am not feeling so good right now so am going to lay down. Have a nice day and Hugs from Grandma Sarge

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  1. Oh, those memories from long ago, which at times don;t seem to be so long ago in our mind!
    Gosh, I hope you are just a bit "under the weather"for a day and that it isn't something serious? Best will probably be indeed to lay down if you feel to it, take it easy nad sleep as muh asx you can.
    Sending you "getting well"wishes from over the sea.