Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year everyone.

     I was watching Tree House Masters last evening and I missed the first of the New Year's fireworks in Australia. Then I caught the New York one and missed the next three. I was flipping back and forth from one channel to another at the top of each hour but it wasn't showing the fireworks. There was a few in our neighbor hood but the dogs didn't get excited like they do on the 4th of July. My little Phoebe was asleep on my lap the whole time.  Didn't hear any of the noise, I guess.

     I can't make all my keys work but I can hit the space bar and accomplish the same thing. Comes from my many years of English lit and structure. I capitalize in all the right places and even use the punctuation where it's supposed to be.  Takes me longer to get anything said but I'm stuck in the 50s in my head so it is what it is.

     I don't make New Year's resolution because I wouldn't keep them anyway so I won't be getting myself in hot water. Bridgit and I are working on a lot of paperwork to get her certified as my care giver. It shouldn't take too long since she is already certified as as an Emergency Responder and has a badge hanging in the car.  Then she can quit her job at the hotel and let her shoulder heal up nicely. She's going to be splitting her time between our house and her Fiance's house taking care of his step Mother. She'll be doing some light housework, laundry and making meals for them. I'm still capable of cooking and I sort of like it.  I was supervising Olivia in the making of muffins a couple of days ago. Some day I'll show her how to make regular meals, if I can ever get her on a schedule of 3 meals a day.

    Here's some pictures from a great trip to Santa's workshop. We went for a train ride. It's a Christmas thing called the Polar Express.It starts from a small village in the mountains and is a 55 mile train ride. that's 27 miles each way.  Everyone was in Pajamas, even the adults. I did have to keep my winter coat on so no one saw the big Panda face on the top of my PJs. It was  loads of fun and then we spent the night in a motel, where we shared a Triple room with Olivia's grandfather and his wife, Bridgit and Olivia, and I had the single in the corner under the sloping roof. I only walked into the ceiling once. That hurt, so I was a lot more careful in getting stuff out of the bags I had put on the floor at the foot of my bed.

Grandpa with 3 of his many grand kids.

My Great Grandson Dominic giving me a hug.

This is Olivia on top of the car on our way home. We made a restroom break at a Ranger station on the way home and watched a herd of Elk that they were keeping safe from hunters. Population control along with only a certain number of Elk tags for the hunters. As you can see from the writing at the bottom this one was from 2015  Blog train.

Olivia was dancing to the 12 days of Christmas with the Chef on the train. Lots of fun and she was a big hit!

My Grandson David with his son Dominic and then a picture of David with his father. I tagged them both as "A boy and his dad".

This one was Great Grandson Aayden as he caught his first sight of Santa coming through the train. His older brother Dominic watching as was his sister Kadence.

Darling Kadence beside her brother Aayden and we were at the back of the train with 2 seats facing each other. It was a great trip. 

I'm not finished with my scrapbook pages yet so more will be posted at a later date.

Happy New Year Everyone...May 2017 be a great year for everyone. God Bless.

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  1. That trip looks great fun! And what lovely layouts to remember it.
    That would be fantastic if bridgit didn;t have to go working anymore but could take care of youand the stepmother too) It is always horribile to see what paperwork has to be done to get something accomplished like that. I hope that once Brodgit is registered there will be lots less of paperwork to be done.
    Wishing you and the family a wonderful 2017!