Friday, December 2, 2016

Time to get ready for Christmas

Wow, it's December and now it's time to take down the Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations down and put them in boxes for next year. then it's clean up the carpet and try to figure out where and how to put a Christmas tree in the living room. We managed it last year but we didn't have a kitchen table and benches in the living room at the old house. We've been in here since May and this kitchen was smaller in size than the other one. So the kitchen table with benches is right at the kitchen door.

We only have one puppy left to send to a forever home and a lady is coming this afternoon to check her out. Then I'll move the big blue cage into my bedroom and that will be where little Phoebe will sleep. My puppy got renamed when we got to Grand Junction. The Grand kids wanted to call her Phoebe instead of Godiva so we switched and she answers to this new name as well.  Here's a newer picture of her:
Taken this morning and she's proud of herself...learned how to jump up onto the couch. Still working on how to get back down.

She's a real cutie...not a bully any more...only one left to bully and Nikki is going thisafternoon. 

Very alert.

Just fits in the hand and loves to snuggle.

Doesn't she think she's a queen?
She's such a cutie. I got the Quick Page from Arlene's tapping into Kyra's new Merry Seasons kit. I just love the colors and I'll take that Santa any day. 

This is a Polaroid from my trip to Grand Junction for my birthday last month. My oldest daughter doesn't usually let any one get a picture of her but this one she wanted. The whole family loves it. 

My cousin Shyanne Shirley who lives back East and this is her gorgeous daughter Elaina, looking like a model! Such a pretty little girl.

This is Shyanne and Elaina ready for Trick or Treat this year. Cute little bumble bee!

Well I have to busy opening up all the new Christmas kits I got this morning. That QP was made from one of them, and I've got another 30 to open but I've only made it part way (half) down the Blog Train. It's from designers World Wide. Each one made a contribution and this lovely lady is from Australia. The first pic with Santa is from the Netherlands, and the first picture of Elaine designer is Raspberry Roads here in the USA.

Have a great weekend and I should see you again next week! Got an eye appointment to have the 'dimple' on my eye checked out. I'd never heard of such a thing as a dimple on the eye but they showed me the x-ray of my eye and there's a  round patch of whatever on the eye.



  1. Little Phoebe is just gogeous!
    Yes, next week jan and i will be decorating for Christmas too.
    I am sure you will find a place for the tree, it just has to be there LOL.
    I wonder if you somehow(or Blogger) mixed up in your posts? The one of 1st December is second in row on your blog.
    Perhaps you can change the date from that top one again in the right one? It is a bit confusing.
    Hope you are all doing well and will have a great decorating time(it is hard work but so satisfying when done).

  2. It wasn't blogger, it was me. I made some corrections on the post and that gave it a new date and time. Now I know to leave them as they are. I'll run the spell checker before I hit publish. I've been having a great time with all the kits from a couple of blog trains.