Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year (a little late)

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. Shame on me. The month of December was pretty full. Full of Doctor appointments, shopping, and just getting ready for Christmas.
As you can see, it's a pretty white tree with Red & Gold decorations. The Santa's on the book case are a very small selection of my collection (27+) but this house didn't have enough room.

My Christmas Choo Choo had to stay in the house because this house doesn't have any out side electrical outlets. "Stockings were hung on the bookcases with care" and when they got filled they all fell down.

Little Serenity behaved herself the whole time. Didn't go after the ornaments or the decorations on the floor. Pretty proud of her. She didn't like the Christmas sweater but she tolerates us.

These are some of my Snow People. Not all of them fit either.

I have been to the doctors and had more tests done. Besides a couple spots of Asbestos in the lungs, the dysfunction in the heart has progressed a little so I had to give up skiing (just kidding, I don't ski).

But we had a great time getting ready for the holidays and eating lots of great food. Got lots of neat presents, including a toaster oven which I'm absolutely thrilled with since the oven in this house doesn't work at all. 

Thank goodness it's only a rented house. We're making plans to relocate early this year.  I usually don't like moving in the winter but this one is actually necessary. Wall plugs that don't work, circuits blowing if you have 2 items on them and really the house hasn't been electrically refitted for more than 20 plus years so it's really due.Baseboard heaters don't work in 2 of the bedrooms so it's time for the Corbin girls to move on.

Here's the Christmas and New Years pages that I've gotten done. Don't ask what occupies my time 'cause I don't know how the days get gone on me and I haven't accomplished very much (as an English major in school, I didn't pay much attention I guess).
Darling Amyah in a page done with 'Merry Christmas' by Miriam's Scraps

Ashley with Olivia and again with Valerie. Page Christmas with the Countess by Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart designs.

Bridgit with her nieces Kaddie & again with Valerie. Page done with 'Home for the Holidays' by Baby Bear designs.

Daughter Charlie holding the New Years Eve sign which I corrected a little. Page done with 'funny New Year' by Butterfly Designs

My niece Consuelo and her grown up son Jonathan. Page done with 'White Christmas' by Miriam Zimmerman.

Sister in-law Joanne and their dog "Bing".  Page done with "Christmas with the Countess' by Kyra @ Russian Dutch Heart designs.

Joanne looking lovely in another page done with 'White Christmas' by Miriam Zimmermin.

I guess I got hung up on that White Christmas by Miriam Z'. This is Olivia at her 11th Birthday party in December so I already the Christmas kit and I used it.

My 3 girls hamming it up, Ashley, Olivia, & Bridgit. Page is "Cup of Cheer' by Raspberry Road designs.
I think I've been showing off for long enough. I'm going to do another one of my college classes. This one is  An introduction to C.S. Lewis: writings and significance. I can highly recommend the online courses from Hillsdale College in MI. If you just want to expand your mind (I'm warding off Dementia by keeping the mind active), I can recommend the Free courses on the Constitution, and a whole lot more. Just go to their web site and sign up, It's free: http://online.hillsdale.edu/dashboard/courses .
Hugs from Sarge!


  1. Your Christmas tree and all decorations look so pretty! B ut as I understand, the house is a pain! Moving again isn;t the most pleasant, but if you can find something else, in better condition you should move as soon as possible!
    Our house is also an old one and comes with things that could be improved, but there is the always coming problem of enough money to do so. So as long as it works and holds, it's okay, moving is no option at the moment.
    But.we have a roof over our heads and it is warm and we have a garden, so we shouldn;t complain too much.
    I admire your dedication to do those courses.
    Have a wonderful day and good luck with the search for a new house!

  2. Sweet layouts Sarge, looks like y'all had a lovely time. It certainly was a busy time for me and my ugly visitor "arthritis" tried his best to put dampers on it....(my blog would prove otherwise...ROFL) but I did not get as much scrapping done as I usually do or blogging for that matter...but I survived another year! Very blessed indeed! Now I am getting ready to man the phone at the tax office again during the next couple of months to schedule appointments. It gets me out of the house and a little extra money to put in bank for taxes and insurance on the house! But I miss my fur babies when not with them and they miss me and stick like glue when I return home...LOL! Thanks for all the nice compliments on Miriam's blog for me...appreciate them! Come visit my blog and see some of the things I provided in use! (matsmemories.blogspot.com) You have a terrific weekend! Keep making and sharing those memories...Hugs, Mat

  3. What beautiful scrap pages. I just read your post, and now I'll have to come back and get caught up. Right now, my little guy, Pogo, is wanting to sit on my lap and get in a bit of cuddling. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.