Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December is here so our house is looking Christmasy!

Naturally the computer didn't like that word at the end of the title. But what does a computer know anyway..LOL.

I don't really have a lot to say except that we got 2 inches of snow one morning and something melted it all by the next morning. I'm really bummed by this but then I guess if I want snow all the time I have to move further North.  At least I got a picture or two but it wasn't even enough to make a snow man. Maybe later this month.

All the decorations are up inside the house but we can't put anything outside because we can't find a plug to use. And there isn't a porch out side the front so there's no where to hang anything anyway. I could put up the pictures I did from last year when the wind storm took my Santa train off the roof and we had to anchor him down in the Rock Garden.

I'm going to post the last of the pages I made in November even though it's now December.
A picture of my younger sister when her girls were really young. They are all grown up and one has a son in college and the other one has a son thinking about the service. Quite a long time ago. This was one of those Throw Back Thursday pics and I just had to snag it and do something pretty with it.

A picture of my lovely Sister-in-law Joanne with her precious dog Bing.

Joanne will pose for the camera if you ask. But she's so pretty who wouldn't ask!

Beautiful Olivia's 5th grade picture. Can you tell she had her hair dyed Blue & Pink?

We caught her sleeping before the movie they watching was even finished.

As you can see, this was Olivia's sleep over during a vacation period when other parents had to get up the next morning for work. We didn't so it was a fun evening.

That's it for today. I don't have any new pictures and I've been on the internet getting some freebies from the great designers who contributed to a World Wide Christmas train. It's always fun to see the different ways each country celebrates the holiday. We just have a grand time and we'll go the Christmas Eve Mass and one of the churches has a live presentation with horses, camels, sheep and live people.  Then there is the displays that people put up in their yards and some are tuned to music which means the lights are bouncing around and one place out side of town has a good half acre we can drive through and around under the lights and listen to music. They just post which radio station to tune in to and it's really quite a show. I tried to upload one of the videos I made when we were driving around and stopped to watch a house that was really light up and we were listening to the music on our car radio while the lights were just going all over the yard!

That's all for now. HUGs from Grandma Sarge!

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  1. Wow, you already decorated your house in Christmasstyle? That's quick.
    I will start this weekend, on sunday, probably.
    Glad we didn;t have any snow yet, and it can stay away, if I might have a wish!
    It is beautiful, of course, but it also gives a great mess and lots of trouble.
    Have a lovely day and week ahead and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere!