Sunday, September 14, 2014

Surgeries done, then a Hospital visit for 3 days easy!

Both eyes have been fixed. I'm not wearing glasses now except to see to sew. Even my computer work is ok with out glasses.

Then a week after the last eye surgery, I got into a little discussion and got too upset. Sent my blood pressure up and caused pains in the chest. My Grandchildren and my daughter took real good care of me in the hospital. They were almost tossed out of the hospital. The final diagnosis was 'agina' but 'nitro' brought it down real quick. Now I carry a little bottle with me at all times.

This is the weekend to get our car fixed. A good smariatin sent a card with enough money to pay for all the parts and now the boys will get it done. And a second guardian angel looking out for us brought by a gift card for Auto Zone for a sizeable chunk of change so we are all set.

My little Olivia is with me on the weekends now. Some quiet time for her (her temporary house is loaded with noisy kids and she's not used to that. It's really wearing on her so she comes down here and rides the scooter around the cul-de-sac and plays with some new friends here in the trailer court.

My Grand daughter got the name and number of the Knights of Colombus and they brought me a hospital bed and put it together. Now I'm getting a really good nights sleep! I can use it as long as I need to and then give them a call to come and pick it up.

Here's a couple of new pictures
Olivia enjoying the company of the puppy and her Great Auntie.

Miss Moe on another one of her jaunts with the beer of the day.

One of the girls my daughter grew up with, all grown up and a Grandma to boot. 

Sweet Olivia playing on the new art work in "downtown" Grand Junction, CO. They change out the statues every year and this one was a good one for Olivia. It was one of the only ones I could use the kit Funny Little Critters" with.

I smell good smells coming from the kitchen so it must be time for lunch.

Bye for now!


  1. So happy your cataract surgery went well and that you're on the mend and able to scrap again. Nice pages you made, thanks for using my QP too!
    Keep up with the healing and do as you are supposed to so you heal properly and promptly. Have a fantastic day! Hugs, Mat

    1. Thanks and you keep on making those great QP's so I have someplace to put the neat pictures. I'm working on some 2013 FALL pictures so I'm looking around for those types of QPs. If you've got any let me know! And thanks for the well wishes.!