Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WOW it's been 10 days since a POST

I can't think of any good reason that I haven't posted anything except that I lead a pretty boring life.  I'm typing this in Large print and after I'm finished, I convert it all to normal print.

I'm having a bit of an issue with my eyes, so I'm not able to see the type on the computer screen unless I've got my nose about 2 inches away from it.  I'm a "Veteran" and I need cataract surgery. It's been scheduled 3 times since last Feb 2013. In Feb. it was scheduled for May 21st, 2013. On May 20th, I got a call that the surgeon went into labor and had to cancel.  They then scheduled it for Nov. 7th, 2013.  Due to bad weather and really poor driving conditions I called and cancelled the appointment.  I didn't feel two females traveling in a 1995 car on snow & ice was a real good idea. I called and they rescheduled it for May 21st, 2014.  On May 20th they called and cancelled for the surgeon's emergency. It is now scheduled for July 23rd, 2014.

After the big "to do" over the VA mismanagement, I'm thinking I might be one of those that keeps getting pushed back further without anyone reporting that they have cancelled twice for the surgeon's convenience (although labor, if it's real, was a legit excuse). It seems that there is only one surgeon in the Northwest region qualified to do these surgeries at the Spokane VA Medical facility. And there is only one GYN clinic for all of Washington, Oregon etc and it's in Seattle at the VA Hospital there. For female Vets that's a pretty unreasonable drive.

And I'm not happy with Medicare either but that's for another day!!

On to happier things. Little Aayden is with us today and tomorrow. That's always a good day. He's such a little, I mean Big joy for us. We get to watch Little Einsteins, Disney, and Choo Choo Trains. He's 2 1/2 and making pretty big sentences these days. Last week he spotted the picture of me in my Navy Uniform on the dresser. He asked who that lady was and I said that's Nana.  His answer "I don't think so!!". I still haven't convinced him it's me and he's not at all impressed by the medals. The only one I show off is the Sharp Shooter Medal. To the loud mouths and drunks I invite them to view my medals and point out the Sharpshooter one. Usually earns a little more respect. Most people know with the cataracts encroaching, I probably couldn't hit a barn from 50 feet away.(lol)

Here's a couple of new scrapbook pages. I lied...here's a bunch of pages.
Gr-grandson Aayden this spring

Gr-Grandson Dominic in his Karate Class.

Another of the Karate School.

Dominic's first day of school last September.

Gr-nephew on the left...Joseph Stephens in Texas for His Honor Awards.

Gr-Grand daughter Kadence (Kaddie) for her school picture.

My daughter "Charlie" and her friend Michael at one of our Thurs nite potlucks. This was taken before he fell out of his wheelchair and got 2 black eyes and a broken leg. I need a ramp on my front porch to accommodate our friend Michael. 

The Tribute wall at my Gr-Grand daughter Olivia's school in 2011 where she posted my picture, her Gr-grandfather, 2 gr-gr-grandfathers, and several Uncles. Her's was the largest group I think. And the kit I used was entitled "The Greatest Generation by Over The Fence Designs.

Two of the youngsters who come to our Thurs or Sat BBQs and have a great time.
That's definitely enough scrap book pages for one day. I try to remember to name the designer of the kit I'm using for each picture but sometimes I get more from unknowns than from one of my faves. The bottom picture was Carina in the Forest by Carina.

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