Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's Saturday and the Weather is terrific

The lawn is mowed but I didn't do it. Charlie's boy friend did it. Thank goodness he's such a gentleman. He even opens doors for us and that's not something you see every day.

I've been playing with Miriam's Scraps, wedding Kit putting together an album for my Grandson's anniversary in August. I've made 41 actual scrapbook pages and a cover plus an intro page all from her Giahugic kit. I might have tossed in a couple of odd items that weren't in her kit but the major work was hers. I just put the pieces together. I'll share a couple of the pictures here.

David & Brittany saying their vows.

David's children plus a friend making their way down the isle.

David dancing with his mother.

The isle, & two other tables set up.

David & Brittany are joining the reception after the ceremony.

David with his Mother and Step-Mother.

The "Clan Gibson" are really into Bow shooting and hunting.

The Groom and his Groomsmen.

A special Tribute to the ones who are no longer with us but probably watching from Heaven.

After I picked out some to put up I noticed it was more than a couple. Oh well, at least I didn't put up the whole 41 pics. I was so pleased with this wedding kit that it inspired me to do all of this.  And I think my Grandson David is wanting me to add some more pictures that were taken by other members of his huge extended family.

That's enough for today. Please visit Miriam's Scraps to see the beautiful things she creates. and also my other favorite is Russian-Dutch Heart Designs. Both of these ladies are listed on the side of this blog. Stop in and see the beautiful work they do!

All for now!!


  1. I just love to seemy work..........
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are pretty awesome Corinne, I am sure they will love the album you have so lovingly created for them. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments on my work as well as Miriam's awesome gift of the huge kit. Happy scrapping of those grandkids too! Hugs my friend. Mat